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  • Lynceus
    replied to Embraced Animals
    I checked, and unfortunately, all the FAQ clarifies is what happens when you try to Embrace other supernatural creatures. I do remember seeing a passage somewhere that says something like "some vampires will stick their fangs into anything" as an aside towards this sort of nonsense. I've always been against vampire animals as the idea seems very silly, but obviously, ghoul animals exist (and so might revenant animals) so I can certainly see why someone might see the logic in allowing their creation. Of course, yes, I do agree, instant Wight-hood seems likely, without Disciplines as...
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  • Lynceus
    started a topic Embraced Animals

    Embraced Animals

    Let me preface this as I think the idea is dumb. However, when talking to some of my friends and reading older VtM books, apparently this was, at one time, perfectly legit. In addition to Berlin by Night, I saw a reference to it in the 1e Dark Ages Book of Storyteller Secrets- not only with regards to Gargoyle animals, there's a line where it says "unlike other Embraced animals, Gargoyle animals instinctively know to avoid the sun". I thought for sure that White Wolf came out and said "no, you can't Embrace Fido" at some point, but I'm not sure when or where. So my question...
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