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  • benk625
    benk625 posted a Visitor Message for eddyfate
    Thanks for running Pugmire at Save Against Fear. I played with you and Rich on Sunday. My daughter enjoyed the experience. I took your advice to heart about writing submissions for other OP game lines and other companies. Rich mentioned Evil Hat & John Wick presents. I am also looking at Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Any other companies you recommend I look into?

    I have also made contact with Jack Berkenstock about joining the writing team for the possible Bodhana RPG. Do you have any advice for managing expectations for prospective creative projects? I assume that like many creative...
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  • benk625
    benk625 posted a Visitor Message for RichT
    This is Ben Kruger. I played Pugmire with you and Eddy at Save Against Fear on Sunday. I appreciated the advice you two gave me on how to break into the industry. I remember you suggesting that I send submissions to other companies besides Onyx Path. John Wick Present and Evil Hat were two that I remember. I've also looked at Pinnacle Entertainment.

    Are there any other publishers that accept unsolicited submissions?

    Do you know if Wizards of the Coast or Paizo are likely to hire first time writers?

    Thanks for all the games. Thanks for playing with me and...
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