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  • menos125
    replied to Experimentation
    Experiments used for what purpose? Creating a wonder? Making a chimera? Learn Knowledge and Skills?

    This could be interesting to roleplay a PC learning a new level for a sphere. Or even, learning the first dot of a sphere with a teacher of a very different paradigm, since you need to adapt it to your field.

    Actually being a researcher myself, psychology, doing said experiments look really close to what I do in real life, and so as I gm I find it really fun to see my players experimenting, testing and probing the world deeper than: " I use level 1 (insert any sphere)...
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  • menos125
    replied to Questions for things in mage
    Could you give us any example you'd like to make or do?...
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  • menos125
    replied to Rituals and their usage
    Well, if you utilize quintessence on a pattern you need Prime to be able to control it. Although you can freely use quintessence to lessen difficulty modifiers on rotes it's not the same as fueling a pattern since you actually need to understand the very concept of pattern that Prime gives off.
    Well if it's on your own body I think it should be okay to not use prime 2....
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