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  • Jester
    replied to Scion: Dragon in the works
    also they might be going for the symbolic 'Dragon' ; a personification of a outside or third party power. e.g France was often replaced by, well, a Dragon in English and Walsh myths. or how 'Sea serpents' for Unknown threats, or Lungs for powerful forces that were not their gods but not evil. (Weather)

    and yes, I know im using mostly European examples, but I know there are more examples even if I don't know them myself.....
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  • Jester
    replied to Ask Neall
    Hi Neall, so just wondering and don't know if its been talked about yet.

    I know that there are going to be getting new boons for the new purview's in upcoming books, but are you guys going to add new boons to the old previews, particularly the pantheon previews?

    two per preview just seems light, especially for Demi-gods and Gods.
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  • GM's, what mechanics are you finding hard to make use of? (and how to change that.)

    what it said on the tin. I sure we all find that there are parts of a system that you don't end up using a lot, but what do you guys find ends up not being used at all?

    For me its the Virtue system, this might just be all the games of Vampire, were my players are terrified of that humanity bar moving at all, or werewolf were primal urge is such a big deal at times, but they just don't care about Virtue, the effect is just not enticing enough for them to work themselves up the line or try to stay there, and just so far away form any effect when they are in the center that it never...
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