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  • HighPriest
    replied to Abyssals: A Shadow Falls
    Nice. This was the last splat I really wanted to find in playable form.

    An update of the Abyssal backgrounds might be nice additions (especially Whispers), but porting one version or another over from old editions would probably suffice.

    It's funny that over two years past the release of Exalted, and there are now readily available, playable splats for all the main Exalt types... none published by Onyx Path aside from Solars. Well, I guess that's easier on the wallet.
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  • HighPriest
    replied to Scion 2Ed Estimated release time
    A semi-finished Origin was sent out to backers over four months ago, and is still having backer errata integrated. Since a similar Hero copy hasn't been sent to backers yet for an errata check, almost certainly at least four more months.

    Of course, that's assuming you mean purchasable PDFs for "complete books". Physical copies will take a lot longer....
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  • HighPriest
    replied to 2e: Biggest problems fix ?
    My biggest tip for "fixing" 2e's combat issues is to just make sure people are on the same page regarding combat, especially the ST. For some reason Exalted players seem to think that every combat is going to include an invisible ninja stabbing them five times in the same flurry. This is the same as assuming every D&D session is going to include an ancient red dragon making flyby breath attacks, even if you're level 3.

    We ran out of the box Exalted 2e, then updated to 2.5e, for the duration of most of 2e's life cycle and well into 3e's development cycle. We never had...
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