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  • Yeah... there appear to be a number of things in the recent PDF release that are sort of sloppy. This is just one of them. The Legend/Boons table is still... probably wrong, unless the intent was changed, the pregens are still something of a mess, Creatures do now have health suggestions but no defenses, among other issues. I'd suggest going with intent if you can make it out.
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  • Thanks for the response, Watcher. I don't mind having a geas, but it feels like it's the only basic pantheon power with such a large mechanical downside, beyond being a somewhat boring momentum generator.

    It's interesting to hear how problematic using the Lay Geis ability would be in the context of the pantheon, besides being mechanically busted. That issue is easy enough to avoid by just not taking that boon - characters get so few that not selecting that one is easy enough.

    At the moment, I'm think I'll ask the ST if we can work out some sort of alternate default power...
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  • [2E] Tuatha Pantheon Signature Power... What's the Upside?

    Looking at the Tuatha signature pantheon power, is it just me or did the Tuatha get a bad deal on their signature? Being saddled with a geas seems like a big negative in that it only gives a little bit of momentum, and if it does end up being broken it really shuts you down. Most of the other pantheons get little benefits in line with regular pantheon powers, but it seems like the Tuatha just get a bad condition that doesn't really pay much back in the way of momentum compared to the possible penalty.

    Plus, Lay Geis seems like a real bad power as well. It sounds nice (too nice, even...
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