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  • HighPriest
    replied to Ask Neall
    Yeah. Unless, I'm misinterpreting the rules, you're usually only going to get 1 or possibly 2 Legend in most sessions. Even that will usually come from Fatebinding, which seems more reliable than sacrifice, though it comes with its own issues - I'm concerned that it will prove far more work for the ST, possibly too much to keep up with for 4-5 characters each working on multiple Fatebindings by the higher ends of Hero. Which is a shame, because I like the concept of some of the stuff you can do with Legend, but I don't see less mechanically optimal options like invoking your Title happening at...
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  • HighPriest
    replied to Best source for magitech
    Hmm, well, almost everything I'd suggest is from 2E. Wonders of the Lost Age is the main magitech source on the sort of stuff that's more likely to have survived into the Age of Sorrows. After that, both of the Dreams of the First Age books are great, Book 1 for how it works into society, Book 2 for more mechanical suggestions.

    Alchemical/Autochthonia material from both editions isn't technically First Age magitech, but does an interesting job of addressing how an understanding of magic and its use in production could work into an industrial setting. I'd strongly suggest looking at...
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