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  • Beekay006
    replied to Forsaken Resources
    Thank you both so very much, Second Chances & nofather! I really do appreciate your advice & suggestions, & have already filled my wishlist with the titles you both put forward.

    I'm very impressed that some of the 1E titles for WtF still offer value to chronicles, & are considered useful resources.
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  • Beekay006
    replied to Forsaken Resources
    G’day Folks! I do sincerely hope that I'm not performing any thread necromancy here, & I do apologise if I am.

    I’m a first-time poster here on the forums, & I have a serious question to all you incredible WtF players. It relates to this thread set up by Second Chances, & what books are required for a well-established library for 2E Werewolf chronicles.

    I’ve been scouring the forums to see if this has been raised before, & here seemed to be the most logical place for my query.

    I’ve been listening to the Onyx Pathcast & have had my...
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