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  • Thanks for the reply! I like both of those theories actually. Do you think Skykeep was somehow leftover Ancient technology?
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  • Ok, thank you. Next question is about the "The Ancients", the old human civilization. I don't mind a mystery but is the lore of that civilization expanded on anywhere other than the section in the Ghelspad Campaign Setting book?

    What are your thoughts on where the ancient empires fit into the Titan Epochs? So far my guesses are:
    • Kadum
    • Gormoth
    • Golthain
    • Golthagga
      • The Dragon Kingdoms. I based this on the lesser beings learning smithing and forging from Golthagga and making weapons to finally defeat the dragons
    • Chern
    • Gaurak
      • The Dwarven Imperium. Chern and Gaurak
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  • Hello ! I'm new to Scarred Lands and have questions


    I backed the Scarred Lands 5E kickstarter and got my book a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it. I have also been reading the older Scarred Lands books to get as much information as I can about the setting. I would like to start a new discussion here about questions I have and want to see how active the board is. I have some questions already written down so I'll just start out with one:

    Where do the fey come from? It doesn't look like there is a Feywild or Plane of Fairie. Are they handled differently in the Scarred Lands? The elven PCs are still fey...
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  • maceo
    replied to Scarred Lands at Gencon
    Will the panels at Gen Con be recorded and posted?
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