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  • Xizzillix
    replied to Errata: Scion: Hero
    page 72: Tsukiyomi's Alias is written Tsukiyomi-mo-Mikoto when other Kami have -no- in the middle. And his description begins with another misspelling of his name: Tsukiyomo
    page 75: Sarutahiko has four Callings listed
    page 77: while he tells them stories and gives them sweets to make them smiles.
    page 72: Hotei, the Seven Fortune of Joy
    page 82: As much as term for the spirits
    page 83: Some have adamantly argued that there she has
    Page 84: Winonah continues to be exist in the World
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  • Xizzillix
    replied to Errata: Scion: Hero
    page 3: Yukiko had never her speak - seems to be missing a verb
    page 18: where Quetzalcoatl brought them back life
    page 19: became known was the
    page 19: his stead, Grani
    page 20: for every instance of Ganesh riding in on a mouse to welcome his child to the Shén - shouldn't he welcome them to the Devá instead?
    page 22: Don't the other structures mentioned here distract you
    page 30: The Grandchildren (Yoruba: _m_)
    page 46: The second letter of Völuspa is off
    page 46, 47, 51: Text after the word Seidr is italicized
    page 46: loving flyting in...
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