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  • page 228: Success allows the psion to can to the target's specific bioelectrical reaction to situations. - What does that mean?
    page 229: the attack listed below - the table is above the text.
    page 229: some of the optional tags list their cost as (1 additional point) when all other optional tags simply list their cost as a number.
    page 229: Reporting back to the psion counts is a task - should be as
    page 231: he reduces the damage from of energy-based attacks or indirect damage - should drop either from or of
    page 231: The photokinetic can now create or modify m...
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  • page 168: Trusted agents are given the few experimental pieces of biotech that the order produces, and often never sees them again - should be see
    page 175: Running a Orgotek campaign - should be an
    page 176: Path Concepts: espionage pperative - should be operative
    page 187: Nordamericans are routinely oppressed - shouldn't it be North Americans?
    page 190: where players will discover a dangerous Aberrants - should either drop "a" or the plural "-s"
    page 206/207: the times for fading connections aren't very clear, and they are not listed in the...
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  • page 142: Alarmed, General Solveg Larssen dispatched several hundred
    page 145: Herzog's clairsentience only conformed the fact that many people felt lost - should be confiirmed
    page 148: Also, the Storyguide is also free to use this Edge for the character - one also too many
    page 156: Both Christian and Muslims were frequently persecuted - should be Christians
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  • page 8: "Oop, hang on, big noise" - Should be Oops I think
    page 28: In the red handwritten note one line ends with "s", the next line begins with "even" - I think, the word seven should be reunited.
    page 35: The introductory text states that there are five steps during character creation, but the actual process involves six.
    page 36: A path can be a single word or a short phrase that summarizes the nature of character's experiences - missing the between of and character's
    page 37: Players should rank the three Arenas in order of at which their...
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