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  • Of course--the survey's already set to show current results once submitted, but I'm not quite sure how to link to the results without a submission. I will say that now that we're nearing 100 Solars in the Census...
    • It looks like a little less than half of them pick up some sorcery
    • There's a scarcity of Nights and Eclipses
    • Melee is in the lead for Supernal Abilities, followed by Presence and Lore.
    • Two-thirds have been Crashed in battle
    • 15% have crafted an artifact
    • The East is by far the most visited region
    • There's a REALLY impressive diversity for "Favorite Solar Charm"
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  • [Glorious Solar Census] Let's See Who's Who in Creation - Submit Your Ex3 Solars

    It's a truth, universally accepted, that a roleplayer loves to talk about how cool their latest character is. In that spirit, I'm hoping folks will consider filling out the GLORIOUS SOLAR CENSUS to help build a better sense of what's going on in people's 3rd Edition games. Which Supernal reigns supreme? Are folks dipping into sorcery or martial arts? Have we all gotten to enjoy a good Limit Break or two?

    I'm posting this in a couple of places, but if you feel interested in sharing it elsewhere, please do. The current results should be visible to anyone with the survey link, so anything...
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  • Gryffon
    replied to Doom and Gloam
    It occurs to me that I never got a chance to post this commission of the Dauntless Bureau of the Flame Duck, albeit without Seresalta. I really should get her added in. ...
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