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  • Godforsaken
    replied to Combat Rules
    Well, that's up for my GM, but I see your point, and it looks quite logical and awesome.
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  • Godforsaken
    started a topic Combat Rules

    Combat Rules

    Hi everyone. I and my friends are about to start a Changeling 2e campaign, and as I was creating my character I realized that defense rating is much too powerful.

    My friend made a character with 2 STR and 2 brawl. My character has a defense of 4, because of 2 DEX and 2 athletics.
    Now, my character doesn't have brawl at all, so in combat, we have no hope to hit each other. (His dice pool is reduced to 1 {hit only with 10} because of my defence, and the same goes for my character).

    So unless you have a really big dice pool, you won't really hit anything, and even...
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