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  • Harriet Tubman? (Underground Railroad)

    Susan B Anthony

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Oskar Schindler

    Are they able to pick their target? Or could you make someone up, or someone history knows, but the players/characters don't?

    Or what if it could work on a fictional character? Samwise Gamgee maybe?
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  • What is the best edition/lore for playing a Werewolf campaign?

    So looking to maybe run a Werewolf game. I/we played the 1st ed WW WoD Werewolf: the Apocalypse when it first came out almost 30 years ago and we played for @ 10 years off and on

    Is it still the same lore and setting across all editions?

    I read up a bit on Forsaken, and it seems wildly different, kind of an X-Files/Supernatural TV show flavored take on the W:tA concept. Is there any great merit to this version?...
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  • I think what you want then is some adventure guidelines or a source book for..., not high powered play necessarily, which would require high-powered characters, but high-scale play. And depending how it's run, you wouldn't necessarily need high powered characters to do that.

    So one thing is you'd need somewhat developed worlds, but most game worlds as you say are ultimately pretty static, until nearly the end maybe which also ends the campaign as the world is to screwed over to keep playing in

    So you'd want a way to randomly generate the worlds, or lists to choose from,...
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