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  • Need some help on a Sci-Fi adventure (D20 Modern)

    KK, so really wanting some help and from a place my players aren't a part of

    The game is gonna be D20 Modern, so the D&D 3.X engine more or less. Mostly on Mars.

    The story from 40,000 feet:

    The year is 2632, the players will have jobs waiting for them on Mars. Earth is run down, people living in bio-domes, so getting to live on Mars is a new opportunity for prosperity. To get there, you have to have a job waiting.

    This flavor info should explain it better: To get a visa to go to Mars generally requires a job, and/or other accommodations
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  • Willowfang
    replied to Multi Use / Genre RPG Systems
    Not actually ran it yet, but working on a D20 Modern campaign (WotC), it's pretty much the 3.X D&D system, but different in many ways too. The starting classes are more generic, like party roles, and then you chose role trees. The roles are like fast, charismatic, smart, tough. Then you pick occupations, and it's just humans in the main book, but you can have other races for a given setting

    The system looks pretty nice really, so comparable in versatility to other generic rule sets, just need a world book or your home brew setting, which could be just our Earth, like you doing...
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