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  • KieranMullen
    replied to Second Sight Third Eye
    I'm not familiar with the original, but what I would love in all of the CoD works is turn-by-turn examples of combat or other interactions (searches, evasions, etc.) especially how different systems interact. And I don't mean simply an example of how one spell works, but how an extended interaction of several characters actually works.

    It took several iterations and lots of help from others for me to write up a simple one angel/one demon combat sequence. I'd love to see examples of other systems carefully explained....
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  • KieranMullen
    replied to Ban for Big Bad
    If you are looking for Bans (things that restrict actions but not cause damage) I'd suggest bans based on their number. For example:
    • Of the Seven, no more that two of them can be in a room, or within some fixed radius.
    • They can not be separated by more than some fixed radius (e.g. 7 leagues) or the most isolated one gets dusted.
    • Cannot cross a heptagram (seven pointed star).
    • Cannot attack a group of seven people that are holding hands.
    • If presented with six identical items they must either find a seventh or destroy all six. Almost being seven sets of their OCD. Similarly piles of
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  • KieranMullen
    replied to GMing Demon: What NOT to do?
    In what book do the Knights Of Saint Adrian appear?

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  • I think that your second take is correct: Demon is a poor match. In Demon the PC's are trying to hide at all times from a power vastly greater than their own. It doesn't match too well.

    Maybe something from Mage where Paradox is replaced by Despair? That is, people who have lost hope actively suppress or hurt the PC's? I'm not too familiar with MtA....
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  • That's a fine idea. I think you might go into the trickster nature of the character more in the description. He's a fine bad-ass gun-fighter with an evil streak. I didn't get his trickster nature from your original description....
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  • What's the in-world justification for Perfect Lie? Why would an evil gunslinger have this particular ability? (I'm not saying it's not allowed, I just don't understand how it flows from the character concept).
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  • KieranMullen
    started a topic GodMachine Merch?

    GodMachine Merch?

    Is there any GodMachine merchandise available?
    • A t-shirt saying "GodMachine IT services"? Or "GodMachine Human Resource"?
    • Simulacra Unionization buttons?
    • Deva Corporation coffee mugs?
    • Idigama Spirits advertising poster?
    • Promethean Team "building" shirts?
    Or perhaps you have better suggestions?
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