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  • I wouldn't say I'm shy, not anymore. I would definitely say you were right like three years ago, but I've come out of my shell since then. Maybe some of it lingers still. I'd generally think of myself as being too nice. I have trouble saying no.

    I think lowly of myself and generally like to put others first, I've been called a people pleaser. I like to make others happy and often get shouldered with a larger workload because people see this in me and ask too much of me and I don't tend to say no. I've been treated as a doormat in the past, people take advantage of my kindness and...
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  • Long post, sorry, see bottom for TL;DR (Sorry, evidently I get a bad case of motormouth when extremely tired)

    Well, see last time my group tried this, I and another person, who is kinda iffy about playing these days, played werewolves, and two others played mages, the ST was the one who is always on about vampire lore, so I suspect if I run for my group, the only person who might want to play werewolf will kinda just abstain and everyone else will want mage and vampire stuff... everything but what I want to run... I really love WtA lore.

    So the last time I got the ST
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  • Mixing Werewolf, Vampire and Mage characters

    So, I was considering running a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game sometime in the future, but I know my group will want to have it be a mixed old World of Darkness game with two of throwing mages and one being a vampire. On top of having to learn mechanics and lore for multiple systems, the last time we did this the group fell apart due to vastly different character motivations and any magic a werewolf could do with gnosis was vastly outshines by the mages. It just did not work well. Does anyone have insight on if/how a mixed old World of Darkness game could work?
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