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  • Intricate details are likely too much to get into in this book, given its existing page count.
    best source of information currently available would be the 1E book, Shattered Europe....
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  • p. 25, 27 timeline
    Multi-entry years, 2056 and 2115/2122 are formatted differently. Please make consistent.

    p. 25,26 timeline 2067
    "China takes control of all of the orbital nuclear weapons platforms"
    This entry implies China seized control, where the section on the Ultimatum starting on p. 30 implies that the Chinese were the original owners of these weapons.

    p. 26 timeline 2090-2103
    End date mismatch. Either entry header should be changed to 2102 or sudamerican space elevator completion date should be changed to 2103

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    Last edited by Baladain; 12-23-2018, 08:28 PM.

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  • p.18 "psions — individuals with latent psychic powers who gained active psychic powers"
    Suggest replacing with "psions -- indivduals with psychic powers"
    The rest of the details are filled in later in the text, and this entry is unnecessarily complex.

    "Chapter Four: Character Creation explains everything you need to create psions, neutrals, or Talents in Trinity Continuum: Æon.
    This is entirely inaccurate, as it requires use of the core book.
    "Chapter Four: Character Creation Supplements the core book with additional...
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  • Baladain
    replied to Trinity Continuum core errata
    p. 200 After-School Special: This gift reads as though the character can sway an entire group of minor characters, regardless of number. Is this accurate? Clarification may be needed.

    p. 204 Fortean Experience: "If she has the correct Science Specialty, you may spend an inspiration to know the effects of the alteration" Does not appear consistent with the way Specialties are defined on p. 45
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  • Baladain
    replied to Psions and Scale
    I could see something like that...
    Like a psi gauntlet that grants +1 scale instead of bonus enhancement. Kinda like the heavy weapons tag.
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