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  • Baladain
    replied to Armor layering
    I'm launching my campaign in the next month, and I know this is going to be brought up by my players. I can't think of a real reason to disallow it, so I'm pondering over 2 responses.
    1. Offensive feats for called shots. 2 for a limb/head 3 for something smaller
    2. Assigning the soft armor value of whatever the first piece of armor to be struck would be, and once the hard armor value of the piece is met/exceeded the soft rating no longer applies. But then, how do you handle armor with no hard rating?

    I can't help but think a standard (non-varg) soldier combat ops loadout...
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  • Baladain
    started a topic Armor layering

    Armor layering

    In 1e there were rules for layering armor, for example, wearing an armor vest over bioweave, and thus stacking the armor values.
    Is this expected to function the same way in the new system? It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the currently available texts.
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  • Wealth, Makers, and resupply in the Trinity Era

    I'm planning a campaign where the party will be starting with a ship (Dark Matter style)

    I'm trying to figure out how the wealth background interacts with this scenario. If the vessel is equipped with a mid-sized maker, the wealth+3 restriction on what sort of weapons could be constructed would seem to fall apart, as they could simply make anything they had schematics for, as long as they have the necessary raw materials. I wont have to deal with it at the beginning of the game as all schematics will be lost due to plot device, but eventually, things could get out of hand.
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