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  • Obfuscate could make her size look normal
    I was thinking that she would have Obfuscate at level 3, at the very least, irregardless of what her size was the result of, whether it would've been from extended Vicissitude use or from infernalism, wouldn't really matter much. Though, I think the infernalist part would suit well, especially also due to the fact that her "daughters" are showing power use that is difficult to explain with a single discipline - being able to change into a partially formed or fully formed swarm of insects, that would most likely fit with infernalism, though...
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  • Her sheer size needs some kind of explanation when interpreted/expressed by the VtM system, the only thing I can see that makes sense, is Vicissitude, plus the fact that the origins of her family's castle, would make much more likely that she would be of the Tzimisce, Besides, necromancy is more likely to have been learned as an out of clan discipline, and all it would require for zombies to be created would be a level 3 on path of the bone (Necromancy - From DAV20) - However, we could also consider the "zombies" as mortals/ghouls who've been disfigured by vicissitude. But if we regard...
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  • Alcina Dimitrescu - What she would be if she was a kindred in the VTM setting.

    Hello everyone.

    So I've recently read and seen some material on Resident Evil, where one the characters from there would interesting to discuss what it would be in the game vampire.
    The character in question is Alcina Dimitrescu, according to various material, including official - suggest a kindred of some kind, or the very least a mortal who practices vampirism. With that said, it makes good sense to consider Alcina as a kindred, as she does have powers which seems to fit well with being a kindred and other associations that fit that notion. Which raises some obvious questions...
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  • I'm actually not entirely sure where I read it, I just remember reading about it recently in some of the material, and I'm not about to read it all again just to find it.

    There definitely are many things it does, and does better than Animalism, but it also way more dangerous territory. I think, that some are getting away with a lot more than what they should be able to with it, because it does require a lot of things, and it's use is highly circumstancial, but more importantly - heavily dependent on the STs knowledge and experience with regards to the displine and very...
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  • First of all, I think it's important to note, that the discussion about being better at gathering information than the Nosferatu, at least for me, was based on their clan disciplines, not any other displines they could've learned.

    Where is that written? I've found so much that not only points towards Cappadocian, but also supports it, and there is even a Cappadocian flaw in their clanbook. I believe this flaw is 4 points or something like that, specifically makes them subject to continues and advanced decomposition, like the Samedi's clan weakness. So, I'd definitely like to...
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  • Yes, from the point of organization and culture you're most definitely right,
    Though, the individual Samedi might have earned the respect and status among some groups where it can freely obtain the information in much the same way the Nosferatu, but thats something every vampire could. Besides, it would be wrong to say that the Samedi are great information gatherers, if this is the way for them to get their information. So yeah, I agree with you on this....
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  • If Troglodytia is 4'th gen., then yes, she could've been the childe of Lazarus and Baron Samedi' sire, otherwise no, as Baron Samedi is 5'th gen.
    Granted, Troglodytia clan weakness does seem identical the one of the Samedi, but there could be a reason for this.
    Considering the fact the Cappadocians that were left had grown disillusioned with vampirism and rarely embraced new ones, it's quite conceivable that those that were embraced were inflicted with a worse clan weakness than that of the Cappadocians, because the clan founder had been diablerized, and thus the clan weakness they...
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  • Yeah, the Samedi have a lot going against them in that regard, not only is their appearance against them but also their smell (pre-V5), and they can't even compensate using ghouls, as it wouldn't even make things better, because as a mortal having the stench of being isn't exactly a very sociable trait.

    Here is a scary thought with regards to information control, just consider a Nosferatu using Necromancy to gain even more information control, no one would be able to be better at it than them.

    With regards to an average Samedi being as ignorant an average Caitiff, I disagree...
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  • Incarnate
    started a topic Samedi Theory and Questions.

    Samedi Theory and Questions.

    Greetings everyone.

    So I couldn't help notice a lot of the mysteries (loose ends) that surround the clan, which is also the reason for the questions in the post.
    Which clan are the Samedi a bloodline of? The Nosferatu, Cappadocian...or other clan or something entirely different? However, there are lot of things that leads me to believe that it's Cappadocian. One of my main drives to figure this out, was oddly enough to find out who the referenced sire is - Queen Mother, who the heck is this one? I'm not entirely sure who this actually is a reference to, though it's very likely...
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