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  • Thank you for your creative effort, it's definitely something like this I had in mind, with a few specifics being the variables, like for instance the clan.
    As mentioned before, I am currently between the Malkavian and the Giovanni, as both really would fit the themes well. However, if I were to go with Giovanni as clan, it would most likely change the story quite dramatically because of how they handle the "family". If I were to go with the Giovanni take, what and how would you suggest the story is changed? Speaking of story, would you say it would actually be possible to still...
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  • Some help needed with character creation choices for a backup character.

    Hello everyone.

    In the current campaign, there is moderate possibility that my character would end up in involuntary torpor, since it's a path follower it could potentially be out of the game for 50 years.
    So I think it's important enough to have a backup plan in the case this were to happen. We're using 2nd revised ed. rules. The year is 2010, and the campaign is set in in Texas by night and is heavily emphasized on camarilla play. Several members of the coterie currently have ties and "carreers" that is connected to the criminal underworld.

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