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  • Incarnate
    replied to SCORPION’S TOUCH

    I'm not sure for version of Scorpion's Touch you're asking about.

    In 2nd ed. rev.:
    You don't need to damage for the venom to take effect.
    Target will take the amount of converted blood points as stamina damage (per hit).
    The victim may resist with a Stamina + Fortitude roll.

    Anniversary Ed.
    The same as above.

    If the poison hits, the user rolls a contest of Strength + Blood Sorcery vs Stamina + Occult. (Vampires with Fortitude may resist with Stamina + Fortitude.)
    If the user wins, the poison does the margin...
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  • Unfortunately, not everyone are as you say, there most certainly are bad STs and assholes among the STs, where most of the bad ones aren't actually necessarily assholes, they're just bad STs for a variety of reasons.

    It's probably not a matter of having the need to, but more a matter of being able to because of the path.

    Sure it's food for thought, but really the only way to know this, is to get the word from the creators/writers about it, and if so then litterally everything would have to be explicitly written for litterally every discipline,...
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  • Assamite is one of my favorite clans, especially the sorcerer caste, probably the clan and caste I've played the most in dark ages. Celerity 7, so you're at least 6'th gen. Road of Blood makes good sense for an assamite, though others could make sense, getting to rating 10 though would take a lot of effort, at least if it's through play. Exactly, being able to "double cast" can be extremely powerful....and quite lethal, which is also why it's bordering OP-land, and possibly crossing into this land. However, with that being said, if the powerbalance of the story supports this level...
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  • First, I assume this isn't V5 but 2nd ed. revised.

    Second, when a discipline power is used/activated, there will be an effect with a duration. This duration can be instantaneous or longer, those that lasts longer would be categorized as ongoing effects. An ongoing discipline effect won't affect the use of other disciplines, UNLESS specifically noted in the system section of the discipline.

    This is how I perceive it too, furthermore, it's not specifically defined in the system rules of the path that using another path would immediately stop any ongoing effects from...
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  • Well, ghouling I wouldn't necessarily perceive as harming the touchstone, as that specifically would be tied to what conviction it was representing, but I follow your point.

    Such as questions that are specific to the story in question, like for instance what generation we're going to play.

    What I was getting at, was not what you're talking about here, but the fact that it's organized in a very weird and confusing way.

    I'm not expecting everything to be there, but if you look in just the V:tM 2nd edition revised core rulebook, which...
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  • Yes, but the ST has only allowed us to currently to "play with" the core book for now, because we have several new players to the V5 system, me included.

    Hmm, the mafioso's legbreaker as a Ventrue - yeah it's quite different and I hadn't actually thought about that, but in the hierarchy of things, everyone has a place even lesser Ventrues.
    As for learning for learning Obfuscate, story-wise it could've been learned from another mafioso kindred, but mechanically have come from the Predator (Sandman). Indeed, because being given a place of authority and...
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  • It's still a flaw, as you actually still would get their bane, even if that would allow you to easier hide within the clan. Furthermore, it could also story-wise be an indicator of one actually being of ventrue, but something got messed up during the embrace, which didn't solidify the clan-tie. In my character's case, it could be the case that he/she isn't actually trying to hide within the clan, but believes it's of the clan due to the sire being ventrue, being taught ventrue principles and disciplines, the character actually found it harder to learn disciplines but didn't know why, but...
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  • Incarnate
    replied to Shadowcrafting and Life
    I second this.
    An attribute of 0 represents a disabled or destroyed attribute, so stamina would mean death or torpor, even if the attribute is temporarily 0, it would still mean instant death for a mortal.
    An attribute of 2 represents around the average, where an attribute of 1 would represent an underdeveloped, crippled or otherwise impaired attribute,...
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  • First, a massive thank you for making this writeup Nosimplehiway, it's much a appreciated it .

    About the clan flaw I was mentioning, the one I was thinking of was the clan-weakness flaw from the Outcasts - A players guide to pariahs book, a flaw that is caitiff specific, so when I read it in the V5, I completely missed it was intented for TB's, but at the same time thought it was good that they had included it in the core book for caitiffs to use, but apparently not then. Considering this, it's kind of weird they haven't made it available for the caitiff considering...
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    Last edited by Incarnate; 09-09-2019, 03:59 PM.

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  • [V5 ] Character Build Help and tips needed.

    Hello everyone.

    I'm a first time player for V5, but long time player & ST of V:tM 2nd ed. revised

    As I'm working on creating my first character for V5, I'm not sure what to go, especially due to new mechanics, clan & discipline changes.
    Currently I only got the core book to work from, as the ST is disallowing any other material as most players in the group are new to V5.
    The story will be heavily Anarch-based play as I understand it.

    So I was thinking of doing of either a Caitiff or a Thin-blood, though I'm not sure of how well the TB's...
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