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  • V20 - question about incapacitation and torpor, taking damage.

    So my friend and I has been having this debate about dropping to torpor, basically I say that if you lets say are mauled and take 3 points of damage((Bashing or lethal)) you drop to incapacitated and not straight into torpor. The following line out of v20 core is what leads me to believe this. However my friend reads it the other way, that if you were mauled and take 3 points of damage you fall straight into torpor. Is there some magical line somewhere we are missing that helps clear this up? What do you all think?

    "Further damage suffered by an incapacitated vampire sends...
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  • Thank you so much for pointing out this one specific qoute, i knew i had read something along these lines but without the exact wording finding it was a pain....
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  • Skorm
    replied to How to counter Ogham V20
    If you are talking about them using inscribe the curse specifically of the mind, don't forget that there is a roll necessary by the targeted party.
    "the curse takes effect as soon as the target sees his name. He does not need to understand the language used, but if he can comprehend it, he may resist the curse with a Wits + Occult roll
    (difficulty 8)."

    On top of that it does not effect celerity, fortitude, or potence
    "Inscribe the name across the forehead. The foe becomes confused as parts of his mind become disconnected from one another; he must...
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  • V20- questions about delaying actions and initiative

    So this is what it says in the book about delaying your actions.

    "All of your character’s actions are staged at her rank in the order of initiative. There are three exceptions to this rule: The first is if your character delays her action, in which case her maneuvers happen when she finally takes action. Your character may act at any time after her designated order in the initiative, even to interrupt another, slower character’s action. If two characters both delay their actions, and both finally act at the same time, the one with the higher initiative rating for the turn...
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