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  • So this is my thought process. The basic premise of being an incoporial vampire who possesses bodies doesn't sound bad. The issue I run into is what do you care about?

    I think the big problem with playing a strix as-is is that they don't care about anything that is fun to rp for a extended period of time. Like, broadly, you've got experience junkies, murder hobos, and stalkers who want to ruin your life.

    The only thing that seems like it would be remotely interesting for a story would be the stalkers. But there's nothing to dig into there. /I wanna ruin that dude's life/....
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  • I thought the vinculum could snap with enough pain or hatred? I thought there was a line about it in the corebook, but can't find it now. But I know there's an example in Spilled Blood, with the Parliamentarian.
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  • The prince from Greg Stolze's Chicago probably used the city itself as his touchstone.
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  • DubiousRuffian
    started a topic Simplified Character Creation

    Simplified Character Creation

    So, in this time of plague, I'm trying to get a one-off game of vtr going with my roommates. One is super into the prep-work, the other doesn't want to put do a ton of work and more just wants to jump in and have fun.

    I also realized that I only have one character sheet printed out, and all the printers are in places that are closed. So I was trying to think of ways to save on writing, and make character creation faster for my rm.

    I have a couple of ideas, but what do you find takes up the most time in char creation for you? What's the most difficult for you? How would...
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  • So, to be clear, if we're playing in my game, Obfuscate 2 applies to animals the same way it does to people (edit: it applies to onlooking animals the same way it applies to onlooking people). Hungry snakes stay hungry at my table. Unless it would be cooler/creepier for animals to see through it. But even then, it wouldn't affect the play, just the mood.

    That said, I don't think my spit-balling is that far-fetched. Why is hiding a person more difficult than hiding an object or animal? What is it about a human onlooker's mind, or a human body, that it takes more to hide a human?...
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  • So, one thing to add to this debate is the reason Obfuscate 2 doesn't work on humans. It isn't about size (you can use Touch of Shadow on a door). It's about how relevant humans are to one another. Background-person is way more important to a person than a background-thing, so it takes more "juice".

    So my guess is that (if we're going to be discerning) Obfuscate 1 should result in just the default behavior. Put it another way - you strip away behavior that hinges on your particular identity. Dogs respond with whatever their "default human" behavior is, so...
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  • I dunno.

    I'm not sure it makes much of a difference for this, but I think a character who Lashes Out at someone might describe it similarly to how you might when you unconsciously pick up on something that makes you uncomfortable. Like, you don't know what it is about the dude, but you don't trust him (or insult him). Similarly, you don't know why, but you just lashed out by reflex.

    I don't think it's an entirely unconscious process, or that the Beast is entirely partitioned off from the character's mind. But I think, in the cases where the player suspects disciplines...
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  • The character's body can do plenty of things without the character knowing everything about what's happening.

    The example from CB Mekhet has a Mage attempting to influence Francis' emotions. The narrative describes it as her suddenly going cold and blank when her beast takes over. She tilts her head and gives a creepy smile and says something like "you can't make me like you."

    So there the beast takes over really blatantly. But I could see a plausible situation where you use Awe on me, and I'm very attracted to you, and without thinking about it I smile my...
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