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  • If a Strix is in a living human, vampires are still going to catch the Predatory Aura, right? Are they just going to think "This is a vampire using Blush of Life,"?
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  • What do you think you'd do with a Nightmare/Obfuscate devotion?

    There's the obvious Touch of Shadow + anything to just lock an effect to a location/object.

    I'm thinking maybe a Cloak of Night + Grand Delusion Devotion to just remove or scramble abilities/capacities. Like, bam now you can't talk. Or now you have pika. Now when you do x you feel extraordinary pain. Now you can't understand spoken language.
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  • I think that in general, it's better not to. Given the limitations of the ability, you want the rest of the situation to reinforce the hallucination.

    Example 20 I was thinking of in the context of a chase or something. So you're in a building/street, and it's plausible for a wall to be where you're looking.

    As for the example in the book... I'm not sure how credulous the characters are supposed to be. Success on resisting the discipline means "victims do not hallucinate, or it does not
    particularly affect them." I might interpret that to mean that if...
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  • Some ideas I've had. I stole the first one from the Magnus Archive Podcast.
    1. Whenever anyone talks, you only hear x (your secrets, the grudge sound, a bell)
    2. All of the religious imagery around you is horribly changed.
    3. The voices say terrible things at the worst time.
    4. The sun is raising
    5. The stab wound burns. The veins are turning black. It's spreading to your heart. The wound won't heal. Only I have the antidote.
    6. He's got a gun!
    7. Who do I shoot? They all look like the Haunt.
    8. Everything smells like blood.
    9. People tell you terrible things. Make terrible confessions about how they've
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  • DubiousRuffian
    replied to Is The Unholy Claimed?
    This just occurred to me (and I don't know how much stock I put in it): The fact that the Strix need to use a vampire to make their CrĂșac work isn't necessarily evidence for CrĂșac not being developed by or for the Strix.

    Why would you want a magic system that uses yourself as fuel? Whoever developed the Theban Miracles didn't use themselves as sacrifices -- they use different objects depending on the Miracle. It seems like other real world "magic systems" and religions use things other than the spell caster as a sacrifice. I think most human sacrifices probably sacrifice...
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