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  • I have been low-key tinkering with Threnodies for a little while because I really like the aesthetics of musical vampire gutter magic. The idea is that a Threnody is more flexible and more powerful than a Discipline, but still constrained by a Discipline's themes.

    The basic system I've worked out is this: several themes comprise each Discipline group. Each of those themes is embodied as a Threnody Path, composed of five rituals. Once you purchase the Path, you are able to purchase rituals in any order, though each ritual uses a Discipine as a prerequisite. I'm not sure about costs,...
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  • If you use Facebook Face in the Crowd to pickpocket someone, would you use rules for violence (victim can see you as normal) or would they have to make a Wits + Composure - Obfuscate roll?

    Edit: Or do they just straight up not notice? My impulse is to have the thief roll Dex + Larceny or Wits + Stealth and on a failure the victim makes a perception roll penalized by dots in Obfuscate....
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  • Sorry -- that's what I get for typing while distracted.

    I meant to say that rather than interactions with Touchstones yielding willpower, Ventrue could get beats and willpower from Aspirations.

    I think it might be a subtle change in gameplay, but what I see happening is that the character/player starts thinking of interacting with their Touchstone as something they have to "put time into" , until something climactic happens plot-wise and the character needs XP. So the player starts to put all of their Aspirations into vampire plot-stuff rather than their...
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  • I just had a take on the Aloof Curse that I really like:

    Ventrue do not take willpower from interacting with, or defending attachment to, Touchstones. Instead they now gain willpower as well as beats from Touchstones Aspirations.

    Your Ventrue hangs out with their Touchstone, but it's a means to an end. They don't find it to be inherently rewarding. They find checking the Touchstone off a todo list rewarding. Maybe they're clunky and rigid. in person, or maybe they're just not paying attention, or it feels like work. Or maybe they just are super goal driven.
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  • I like this a lot actually, but I feel like it would be a bitch in-game, because we're generally expected to be spending willpower fairly regularly. You'd end up with Ventrue PCs regularly rolling twice as much as as every other character.

    I wonder if something like "Humanity caps dicepools to soft persuasion," is any good? I kind of favor the idea that everyone is like ...the boss is crazy right? and it slants Ventrue behavior towards using Dominate and just generally being an asshole.

    Alternatives being "Soft persuasion suffers from a 7 - Humanity penalty,"...
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  • So, the Lare story is about falling. They (supposedly) started off as a functional part of the family and then betrayed their purpose.

    Now, I do like the idea an Old Clan Ventrue. Maybe simplify their bane to just, "After interacting with a Touchstone, if not explicitly given a task, roll Humanity. On a failure, gain the Tasked Condition with some inferred desire of the Touchstone's as an objective." Maybe this works with the Aeneid story being a coded reference to Daeva origins.

    But I would leave the bloodbonding out. By including a stage 3 vinculum,...
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  • Is this what you had in mind?
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