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  • The game in question has been a historical city chronicle, the coterie was embraced around the civil war and currently we are in 1965. The game will be run till 1999, when a mini Gehenna will occur, which will introduce the systematic and thematical changes represented in V5 (the changes to Hunger, the Second Inquisition).

    I am not converting actual player characters, but am just thinking ahead on it for the background NPCs. I looked at the Chicago by Night manuscript to see how elder Tremere are handled there in terms of powers. Unfortunately it is not currently very helpful, as...
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  • V5 question: Blood Sorcery, paths, and 1 power per dot

    Hey there.

    I'm looking ahead to some possible issues when converting characters from V20 to V5. How are you guys handling Tremere, Tzimisce, Banu Haqim and others that my have multiple paths of various Blood Sorceries.

    One idea I have is that you break it down, and do Blood Sorcery: Path of blood and it has a rating 1-5 with the different options, then you get your second path which would have different powers for each level.

    Another idea I had was for a 5 point Merit, something along the lines of Second Discipline. This can be applied to any discipline,...
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