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  • Ravian
    replied to Bloodlines 2 Announced.
    I think that faction might not be as general as the normal vampire sects. After all, being part of a sect doesn't mean you have to like everyone in that sect. Similar to the factional divide between LaCroix and Strauss.

    We may see a similar intra-camarilla divide in this game between two faction leaders. Or it might be two different factions of Anarchs. There might also be some thin-bloods trying to organize. (Which could be a particularly big thing if your character is a former thin-blood, in a "remember your roots" kind of way. (Duskborn are also more typically the type...
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  • Ravian
    replied to World Endings Other Than Ragnarok
    Hel also has no canoncial death in Ragnarok unlike her father and brothers. It mentions that Loki leads many of the dead from her realm upon a ship of fingernails in revenge against the Aesir, and that Baldr and Hodr exit her realm to join with the other surviving Gods, but Hel herself is not mentioned....
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