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  • Proxies. Proxies of the proxies. Those proxies have minions who themselves have minions.

    Love the back story of the two methuselahs, very interesting, cool mix of history and setting, and super interesting clans to pit against one another.

    Both of them having animalism and obfuscate is going to make for a complex dance where they are more than likely evenly matched. Neither is likely to gain the upper hand with respect to spying using either of those avenues. One side would be an information gathering powerhouse due to clan ties while the other would be impossible to...
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  • JRRParker
    replied to V5 Vampire Companion
    Overall very impressed with this, especially given the price.

    Love the new clan banes and compulsions, love the clan based coterie merits, ghoul and mortal merits and flaws, and the errata. Two things stood out that I found puzzling:

    As with others, I'm a bit of two minds on Tzimisce and Dominate. This decision seemed more about differentiating them from the other clans in this companion, and heavily reinforcing their thematic focus than on maintaining what they have been in the past lore of the game. I love the discipline powers and think Viccissitude is handeled extremely...
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