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  • Why will Obtenebration be its own discipline when they removed/destroyed Serpentis, Thaumaturgy and Quietus?

    It is quite obvious that they want all to have the Camarilla disciplines and nothing else and fill the books with amalgam powers instead.

    A respectful Boo!
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  • I for one really dislike that we lose Quietus, Serpentis, and will all certainty Obtenebration, Necromancy and Vicissitide. That what made the Sabbat and independent clans special.

    * Tremere backstory will be ruined if all assamites will be able to use old Path of Blood powers.
    * Gangrel is no longer special with protean Setites and probably Tzimisce will have protean (Tzimisce will have amalgam powers most probably of Animalism/protean)
    * Obtenebration will probably be gone and be amalgam powers of Domonate/obfuscate or obfuscate/Sorcery

    It would actually...
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  • I am about to start a campaign in Boston by Night. I have written down 40 vampires this far and important locations and areas
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  • [Vampire 5th Edition] Haven Background

    I want to know about the Haven background.

    Say that I pick haven with 3 dots (in the main category) and then I get a "Very large, secure, or private. Examples: a compound
    outside town, a bank building, a decommissioned subway station."

    Can I only have 2 dots worth of haven merits add-ons like luxury, location security etc. Or can I have up to 5 dots in rating for each of those.

    For example, say that I have Resources 4, I get a Mansion then, do I need to buy haven too, or can I use Havens add-ons to my Resources given mansion?...
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