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  • I'm in agreement with Elphilim here. 10 original ones, although !'ll let a player snag the occasional odd one for a really good backstory or good play.
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  • Have you considered the old EuroRavnos weakness where they each have a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins? Wrath, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, and Greed.
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  • Personally I really, really liked the idea that the Harbringers were wraiths riding Cappadocian bodies from Kaymakli. It neatly explains some things about the Harbringers that had never made sense to me.

    First off, why did they hate the Giovanni so? If they were the victims of the Kaymakli betrayal, they ought to hate the other Cappadocians who betrayed them and saw them entombed in the dark. not so much the people who came along and betrayed those Cappadocians in turn. I mean, what goes around comes around, and vampires tend to be ok with having other people do their dirty work for...
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