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  • Baal Hammon were probably the biblical Moloch, and the husband of Tiamat. Which may mean that they were originally Moloch and Troile. Of course, Tiamat is already a kindred.

    Baal Hammon is also sometimes thought to have been the same deity as Baal Haddad due to similarities in their cults. Baal Haddad was pretty much a different name for Set. Which has interesting implications.....
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  • Originally, Osiris childe Khetamon impersonated Osiris and founded the Children. The original Children of Osiris went extinct during the days of Rome, and was refounded by Kheminitri around then, possibly with some help from her lover Mithras. That also most of what we know about the Children except what we have directly from Osiris/Khetamon and his son Horus.

    Who was Kheminitris lover in her mortal days. And now you know why he and Mithras came to blows once in London.

    So yes, its canon more or less....
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  • To my mind, Gratiano is believed to have drunk the soul of the founder.

    It is never good to be known to be strong blood in an inexperienced vessel. He is very, very interesting to an absolutely horrifying demographic. Many of the oldest of the Fourth Generation would like to elevate themselves to third, and the remnant of the remnants of the original Antediluvian two diableries removed is going to be less difficult than if the vitae was taken straight from the source. So the sharks are circling.

    Lamdiel. Ur-Shulgi. Shaitan. Baba Yaga. Kheminitri. Lazarus. Sobek. Elimelech....
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  • I take it you have read my thread on Iontius
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