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  • I don't think making the Puttanescas work easier ever was any kind of priority with the Giovanni elders. And I can see reasons for not teaching them Necromancy. The Puttanesca are not at all trusted to be competent outside their narrow niche, and the Giovanni do not want Necromancy passed on to outsiders. I can see them simply not trusting the Puttanesca with those kind of secrets. Also that family does not recruit from a personality profile that seems like it would be very good at it.

    But what I did wonder at was how possible it was that they did not know. The Giovanni Clan Novel,...
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  • If I could be permitted a small digression that does not deserve its own thread:

    V20 and previous Giovanni material has often stated that the Putanesca do not get taught any Necromancy, and do in fact not know of its existence. But elsewhere it seems a basic item of kindred lore that the Giovanni can do things with ghosts. How much knowledge about that could the Putanesca actually lack?

    Edit: Baaldam I found the thread on the Crypt of the Emperors absolutely fascinating!
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  • I’ve been thinking about running the same. I don’t know how much use my plans will be to you due to my slightly diverged metaplot, but I’ll throw it in here to see what you can use. These are only early notes.

    This is intended for characters with some experience and status, who will get a chance to move up and affect Kindred politics and history at a larger level. As well as net some benefits for themselves if they play their cards right. They may well acquire some very powerful enemies too.


    The Gangrel never left. That seemed mostly driven by Xaviars...
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  • Personally, I adore the notion from BJD, that they are a South American lineage that is pretending to be a bloodline of an European clan for survival. In the setting however, I think they are descended from Troglodytia. Whom may have been a childe of Lazarus.
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  • Trollroot
    replied to Set and Osiris thread
    Things I have come across since I last posted here:

    The Ventrue Clanbook, revised, accuses Set of having diablerized an Antediluvian in the Second City "cut out and ate her dead heart" They do, however, peg Arikel as the victim and the Toreador Antediluvian has clearly been active since. The phrasing is interesting in relation to how the Setites say Set cut out and ate the Heart of Apep. It seems possible they got the name wrong or distorted over the millennia.

    Lore of the Clans has a Setite origin tale, one of three, that flat-out states that he was embraced...
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