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  • Many Meats
    replied to Birthrights Discussion
    Yes, and in many cases you have to give them flaws in order to make them fit within 5 dots.

    Your Wolf-Dagger may rise to 6 pts given it channels 2 purviews.

    The Skeletal Hand is also probably 6 pts. At least 2 for each Purview then a Complication for an opponent or an Enhancement for you is 2 points of relic per point of complication, so, 6 total.

    Never-Ending Sake Bottle is probably fine at 4 points, but it's possible it's 5 given there are two channels.
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  • Alright, Divine Smiths. What's wonders have you forged?

    Let's showcase creativity at a slightly more personal level! What birthrights are you and your players coming up with?
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  • Many Meats
    replied to Errata: Scion: Hero
    Scion: Hero references a "Black pool" which I think is supposed to be the pool of Momentum? I was not able to find a definition to this anywhere else in either Origin or in Hero.
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  • Many Meats
    replied to Judging Power Level
    There's no substitute in Scion 2e for just uh, well, trying it out. There are a lot of variables at play as to how difficult something is to take out and the biggest one is going to be how well or how interested your party is in using team work. Groups that just want to wait each turn to roll their dice and swing and hit are going to really, really struggle against anything much bigger than a Mook tier in 2e. Groups need to fail and collect momentum then hook up for that big teamwork hit where someone channels their Path and you smack the baddie for a big combo hit and stunt.

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