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  • DeadMan
    replied to Taking out Stygia?
    in the older 2nd edition and in some of the other books, it was spoken about that some of the Necropoli where controlled by Heretics or renegades, as sometimes small towns just where not worth the effort to go in and sweep clean the trouble makers, but allow them to stay in some other Necropolis that is outside of the Stygian Necropolis. also in the buried secrets book, that covers parts of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Necropolis books, it states that parts of the city are run by the Renegades, as the city is so large its hard for the Legions to control what is going on in every part of the city....
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  • Dark kingdom of Jade, and Dark kingdom of Jade adventures, these both cover the topics of True Jade, and White Jade, as for True Jade it is when a living person puts real jade in the coffin or buries it with the dead, this makes it move over to the shadowlands as a relic but its a little more then a relic, there is also an Arcanos that is used to help shape and empower both White and True Jade,

    as for true obsidian this an any other True object, i would think comes in the same way as true jade, as it is just a cultural material that is harder then relic items, as True Jade...
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