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  • First off, thank you all for your quickly replies!

    Stupid Loserman and Ventrue Life yeah I think I'll have to use VII. However I think I'll have to bring in what EndlessKng said because if I make VII too understandable it would ruin their whole feel (so a seperate entity that works for a similar goal, maybe in the Camarilla age we were united).

    Holy The Final Civilisation definately doesn't have humanity in their best intersts. They want to prepare for such an event so they can be the Kings of what remains with humanity as slaves.

    EndlessKng and Mirthles...
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  • Tal'Mahe'Ra -like faction in Vampire the Requim

    As the names says, I'm trying to find out if there is a faction or even covenant similar to the Tal'Mahe'Ra from Vampire the Masquerade. By this I mean the whole 'ancient order working in the shadows of the covenants to protect humanity from the worst of the predation of their own kind'.

    Now, I know that the Carthians (and even the Invictus) have members and maybe multi-city corteries that have such an aim, and the Carthians are considered the covenant most inclined to protect humanity. However, none of these have the right feel to them. The correct near religious fanaticism and ancient...
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