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  • I don't think the issue is the content of the book, rather more in how it is laid out. Hayashi's document takes all the info you need to create a character and puts it on one or two pages. Sure you need to check the book to find out more about the paths, but its far, far quicker than having to flip through multiple pages to find the relevant section, to then search that block of text for the one or two bits of information you need.

    Take a look at the CofD books. They have sprawling in-depth explanations of what everything is and how to make characters, but they always have a 1-2 page...
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  • The missing creation summary is one of the reasons I'm attempting to program a character generator in Python. The other reason is to try learning Python... Even then it's still really confusing to get all the logic in, and made harder by the fact you can choose a skill twice via different paths.
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