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  • HoneyArty
    replied to [V5] Tips to create NPCs ?
    Hi people,

    Thank you so much for your time ! Before, I tended to consider the city characters as a vast mechanial puzzle (which I like to fulfill). This topic remember me the importance of the story to create them : if NPCs are here, they have a narrative role to play, or something to teach to the players about the universe.

    I gonna think a lot about this, and maybe take a look at the Chicago by Night book, in order to create valuable and worthy characters.

    Thank you again !
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  • HoneyArty
    started a topic [V5] Tips to create NPCs ?

    [V5] Tips to create NPCs ?


    I have a problem concerning the NPCs in the game : I was creating some of them for my chronicles, and in order not to make them too powerfull, I gave them 1 experience point by year of vampiric life.

    And I compared them to the vampire NPCs depicted in the chapters Antagonists. I noticed something : this vampires are way too strong for the "one year - one experience point" system I thought about. The Elesyum Harpy has something like 180-exp, the Anarch 250-exp, and the Noddist and the Sheriff surpass 400-exp.

    Does anybody has any tips...
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