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  • This isn't a knack, it's a standard combat maneuver - anyone can do it. Epic Dexterity has boons that allow you to move quickly (The Falling Star boon lets you cross 2 range bands as a reflexive Move) and the Step Sideways knack in the Liminal calling gives you a short range teleport that can be used to close with your target.
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  • Rikiji
    replied to Storypath Combat 101
    I think it's implicit in the rules that the base Inflict Damage only applies once and additional damage must be bought using the Critical stunt. This is consistent with the low number of health levels and the mechanics of the Brutal tag for weapons. It also says under Damage and Scale that "a character with a higher Scale rating may purchase the Inflict Damage Stunt an additional time for each Scale rank they have above their opponent." That wording implies that a character can only purchase Inflict Damage once when they don't have a Scale advantage. It could stand to be stated clea...
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  • From how I read the rule, there's no indication that it in any way negates the attack. The attack would be resolved as normal and then you move a range band away as a reaction - that's still circumstantially useful, but it doesn't break the game in any way. Allowing the movement to actually cancel the attack is both redundant with the Defend stunt and something I would expect to see as a supernatural ability, not a standard combat maneuver. Also, both the Defend and Dive for Cover stunts have specific language on what benefit they provide against the attack, since this stunt does not have that...
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