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  • Sabbat intrigues in a newly conquered city

    December 1968. The Las Vegas Camarilla has fallen! Internal intrigues and one single disaster where two Brujah fighters were lost made the Camarilla's defenses basically disintegrate, and the Sabbat took the city in an almost bloodless coup. The old player characters fled the city in a haste, vowing to return, but it's an open question if they'll ever deliver on that promise. A lot can happen.

    Now, it's two years later. A couple of Sabbat packs have moved in and begun to claim territory, among them the new player characters. Three vampires have claimed the title of bishop, but really...
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  • "It's like V20 with better rules but without all the cool stuff".


    I'm actually being serious here. V5 is excellent for street-level styles of play, where you play beleaguered vampires caught up in sinister but down-to-earth intrigues, driven by ambition and ravening, desperate hunger. It does that very good, I'm a player in a V5 chronicle and I love it.

    But if you wanna run epic stories with ancient mysteries, crossover WoD elements, lots of weird stuff and general urban fantasy feel, like I do when I'm the storyteller, you'd better stick to...
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  • [V20] Do discipline activation take an action?

    In combat in V20, would you say that trying to activate a discipline power that's not in itself an attack would still costs you your attack action? Let's say a vampire spends three blood points to assume animal form in one round with Protean 4; can he -also- attack an enemy, at the same time? If a Lasombra activates Arms of the Abyss (Obtenebration lvl 2), can she also attack in that same round?
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