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  • Thank you guys, i assumed it would be replaced but the dropping of +4 damage to +0 on the Dragon's Breath rounds made me second guess (as well as the lack of anything definitely stating if it did or did not). But I am also not a gun savvy person, so there is that too. lol.
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  • V5 Rules Question About Equipment (Dragon's Breath Rounds and Raufoss)

    Hello All,

    I have a rules question for you all again. Does the Damage from Dragon’s Breath Rounds and Raufoss ammunition replace or augment the weapon that is used.

    Two Examples:
    1) If i have a 12-gauge Shotgun (+4 Damage in Close Range) and i use Dragon’s Breath Rounds, does it remain at +4 damage or does it drop down to +0

    2) If I have the same 12-gauge shotgun (+4 Damage in Close Range) and ruse Raufoss ammunition do i do +5 Damage, or +9 Damage.

    Below is the definitions of each ammunition for clarity:
    Dragon’s breath...
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