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  • This was one of the chapters I was most looking forward to, but I ended up a bit underwhelmed in all honesty. It hints at more but it doesn't pull the curtain back enough to be fully satisfactory.

    I get the impression that Michael/Mary have cut the Dracon out of Vykos so that the Dracon can be reborn and take his place as the second of the new trinity, that leaves the 3rd space open of course.

    I agree on Prospero being the best thing about this chapter and I'll definitely be using him in the future.

    All in all I'm a bit disappointed with this one, especially...
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  • Zorin001
    replied to [V5] Montreal
    I blame Strathcona
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  • Oh I understand completely, when you are dealing with such a dense amount of lore as VtM you wouldn't be able to cover everything. The amount you did cram in to BJD was amazing, it's one of my favourite books for VtM.

    Australia would have been an interesting one, since it's only really been touched in passing and I would have liked to have seen more of Sarrasine.

    I raise Christopher as I just find it odd he's never reappeared since 1994, not even an oblique mention in any edition since. Weird since I'd probably put him just behind Menele and Helena as Methuselahs who...
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  • I get the impression that Christopher is pretty much persona non grata with White Wolf since he's never reappeared since LA by Night, which is a pity as I've always liked him.

    Another one I would have liked to have seen in BJD was Dark Selina, Roman Perndragon and the invasion of New England which is a plot that seems to have disappeared down the memory hole....
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