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  • Just as a small aside, that isn't a house rule, that is how remorse rolls work by default....
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  • It's almost like someone can like clan Tremere and not have to be fanatically loyal to the notion of House Tremere. Hermetics had tons of houses when they were mages, if anything it was arbitrary and nonsensical that they hadn't had any defectors until now. Your arguments so far have been "New things are bad, options are bad and no one likes it."

    Quietus was literally just obfuscate and blood sorcery combined. The caste system can still exist in that warriors don't learn the rituals or the more magical blood sorcery powers and focus on the poison ones. But that's the problem...
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  • The scale does increase yes. The thing about the second inquisition is that it does have more of a reach and scale, to make it a proper threat. The issue with Mulder and Scully is that they might be a problem for an individual, or even coterie, they rarely pose a problem for more than a city. The SI makes it a general problem and while the hunter factions coordinate, they aren't all under one umbrella. It is more a coalition of larger and more aware hunter groups.

    But even with their existence, they don't stop a Mulder and Skully type situation in the least bit. Not every higher...
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