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  • @Illthid Blame game, I can see that. Giovanni will be fairly perplexed with the nature of these zombies, as they don't answer to anyone in particular, and even attack zombies made by known vampire necromancy, and even Risen. Among Giovanni theories is that perhaps a Maelstrom is hitting the Shadowlands, which isn't too far off, although it isn't the sixth great maelstrom (yet). Talk of Sabbat conspiracy would also work, even if few actually believe it.

    Lasombra Abyss Mysticism brings up another interesting point I need to tackle. The nature of the Abyss and how it affects my campaign....
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  • MurgianSwordsman
    started a topic Vancouver Conclave in 1986

    Vancouver Conclave in 1986

    Greetings. I once again approqch with another topic. Significantly larger than the last (thanks for the ideas btw)

    I'm working on an international conclave that will take place in Vancouver in 1986, during Expo. While I am well aware of Dark Alliance, and how Seigfried dislikes having so many kindred in his city, I figure the following setting works for this.

    A short explaination on British Columbia as a setting:

    - I use all splats, yes, I'm insane
    - This is primarily a Vampires game
    - I will bs in stuff to allow minor limited access to powers...
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