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  • IMO, having the Seven Tigers be Lunars takes a bit of narrative gravity out of the situation. They're supposed to be the last gasp of the anarchic warlordism that defined the Shogunate. The Empress defeating them symbolizes her defeat of the old de facto order where the Dragonblooded openly fought one another for shortsighted temporal power. Lookshy's grievance with the Empress has to do with chain of command and adherence to the de jure ideals of the Shogunate. The Seven Tigers' issue with the Empress is largely "We have bigger armies and we want the power she has," which is largely...
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    The Scarlet Empress is also reminiscent of Empress Dowager Cixi, in that she's deliberately hamstrung her own nation in order to stay in power. The Realm may be the strongest military and economic power in the setting, but its bureaucracy is full of intentionally placed flaws designed to check their ability to function without her as arbiter. She fears military uprisings, so whenever a military house gets too powerful, she orchestrates their downfall....
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