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  • Trinity in the Seventies: Generell thoughts and ideas

    Well, OK - I already created a topic about a hypothical Trinity-Setting in the Seventies (Here: But over there, its about Allegiances of the Seventies. Here, I would like to brainstorm a little bit more about a possible Seventies-Setting in general. What themes could and should play a role to set it appart from Adventure and Continuum? What should the general tone of the setting be? Etc.pp.

    Of course, it would be quite easy, to play the Seventies just like "Adventure!...
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  • Hmmm..."Asian Archangels". Sounds quite intriguing and also very fitting for the Seventies 😀.
    By the way, somehow subverting those old yellow-peril-tropes was one of the prime reasons, why I came up with the idea of having the Ubiquitous Dragon do a heel-face-turn and turn good. In Adventure!, the Ubiquitous Dragon plays all those yellow-peril-tropes very straight. The guy is basically not much more than a Fu-Manchu-Clone, seemingly without any redeeming character-traits. So, I thought, it would be funny, if - of all the pulp-villains of the Adventure-Era - he would be the...
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  • Trinity: Important Allegiances in the Seventies

    Ah, the seventies! What a perfect decade to set a Trinity-campain in! Lots and lots of classic crime-, action-, horror- and sci-fi-flics to draw ideas from. But since it could take a while until we get some official material for the seventies (if ever), it could be fun to invent some Allegiances for a seventies-setting.

    At First: I would suspect, that the seventies in the Trinity Continuum are somewhat of a "little Brother" of the Classic Aventure!-Era. There are a lot of Inspired characters - lots of Daredevils as well as some Stalwarts and Mesmerists. "Pulpy"...
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  • This sounds totaly plausible for a Nova.
    To me, the only question would be, how one should deal with the fact, that the Novas mass would stay the same. So, if the Nova weights 75 kg, he will still weight those 75 kg, even when he is antsized. This would generate a lot if weird sideeffects, that are frequently ignored in comicbooks - for good reasons.
    So, there are two possibilitys here:
    - Go the way of the comicbooks. The "mass-problem" is handwaved away by some quantum-woo. The incredible shrinking Nova just works like Antman.
    - Play out every weird sideeffect,...
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  • Waldi
    replied to Trinity Saturday Morning Hour
    I like that idea with the spoof-oneshot! This could definitely be a way, this idea could work quite well!

    This is a valid point. So, maybe, most people in this Saturday-Morning-Cartoon-Universe tend to be completely OK with LGBT. After all, you don´t have to be a homophobe to be uptight and prudish. The point could be, that homosexuality is not a problem at all, but carefree talking about sexuality of any kind in public IS one. This could mirror the situation from the Batman-TV-Series. The relationship between Batman and Robin is obviously quite "suggestive"....
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  • Waldi
    started a topic Trinity Saturday Morning Hour

    Trinity Saturday Morning Hour

    Just a fun little thought:
    The baseline settings of the Trinity Continuum are a relatively serious take on Pulp, Superheroes, Action and Sci-Fi. Somewhere, it also was stated, that "Abberant is not Superfriends". But since the "new" Trinity takes place in a multiverse, consisting of many different realities, what if there where a strange, bizarre dimension, where Abberant WAS like Superfriends? What if there was a world, that that is related to Abberant in the same way, that the Batman TV-Series from the Sixties is related to Nolans version of Batman? A world, where Superheroes,...
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  • Or maybe, it was not a temporal bomb, but a transdimensional one. So, Atlantis "reapears" everyone now and then, just to be drawn Back again into its own pocket Reality. This could work quite nicely, because "stumbling over Atlantis" could fit in almost any era of Trinity.
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  • And lets not forgett ancient India with stuff like the Mahabharata. This also should be a great source of Inspiration for a campain about Novas in the ancient world.
    By the way - I wonder, how far Aegis will wander into Erich-von-Däniken-territory. After all, Trinity isnt Scion. Did the Novas of old also come up with weird Super-Science? Was Talos a Cyborg? Were Vimanas Starships? Did some Aliens also pose as gods?
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