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  • Thanks for your input and ideas, folks! We had Session 0 last night (where I had to become a history lecturer and tell them of nomadic tribes, the origins of humanity and the first few chapters of Genesis (and the Jewish apocrypha surrounding it), but we got there in the end. Six players seems a good amount for this sort of game and two have already decided to be some sort of blood orgy fertility godesses - for backing music we had the civilization sound track and I do think that game will be very useful in later sessions when the players try to build up their power base. The setting for the first...
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  • In the Beginning - An Antediluvian Story

    Howdy folks, first time poster hereand I was looking for a couple of seasoned opinions with a new game that I have been setting up for 2019.
    I have been a VTM Story Teller for the past 5 years and role playing for a long time before that - using the V20 system my players and I built up quite a world with weekly games over the past five year. Some players dropped out, others dropped in - at one point I had so many players that I had to split the party into two teams and play games every Tuesday and Thursday.
    But all good things come to an end and my players faced Gehenna Last Week.......
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