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  • -Italia by Night: a book that was in the making when Requiem was announced and everything else was discontinued.

    -France by Night: detailing the courts of love and their feuds is as medieval as you can get.

    -City books: Rome (important for Vampires, Mages and the best DA splat... Inquisitors, possibly relevant for Werewolves too, since Romolus and Remus were said to have been raised by a shw-wolf), London (Mithras' court, 'nuff said), Paris and Magdenburg at the very least, possibly Venice as well since it was one of the most important european cities of the period....
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  • A disclaimer: there's no clear answer to such questions. Some authors may have intended things to go one way or another at some point but today the gameline leaves "the truth" deliberately up to the storyteller of any given chronicle to determine.

    That said here's my take:

    Hardestadt: after Tyler destroyed Hardestadt the elder, his servants enacted a protocol he developed just in case he was killed. One of his progeny had been fleshcrafted and mindwiped to take his place so no-one could claim triumph upon him. That childer was un-staked and welcomed as the new...
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