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  • I don't think Anarchs domains are unfeasible or that Anarchs should only be relegated as a part of the Camarilla. While it's true that there is no such thing as a "standard" anarch domain some "institutions" tend to appear more often than others. The Baron, obviously, but then Emissaries, Sweepers and Chamelons are positions that exist throughout all sorts of Anarch domains. Also having cities that are all the same variation of "the Camarilla runs the place, the Anarchs are rousing rabble in the most rundown neighborhoods but can't achieve much" can only sustain so...
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  • Anarch domains: why official supplements ignore them?

    The title, basically: why do you think we never got a decently flashed out anarch domain? In the years we got loads of Camarilla ones, a few Sabbat ones and even one Autarkis one (Cairo). All we got for Anarchs are contested domains (the former Free State basically) and, recently, a shortt write up for Indianapolis (which is more a Setite city than an Anarch one). Why do you think game designers are so reluctant writing a supplement for a full Anarch domain?


    Also: which city would be good to represent an Anarch domain?...
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