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  • Conjunctional Subtle Arcana - What am I missing here?

    According to the Creative Thaumaturgy rules:

    "A spell that transforms the target into something that falls within the Purview of another Arcanum, like transforming into a living pillar of fire (Life and Forces), requires a mage to know the Practice of Patterning for the destination Arcanum."

    But then we have spells like "Shadow Flesh (Death 4)" and "Twilit Body (Spirit 4)" that change your body to ephemera without adding Life to it.

    Do the Subtle Arcana bypass the above rule that it is required to know the destination Arcanu...
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  • Yuukale
    started a topic A Lie by any other name...

    A Lie by any other name...

    After chatting with a friend, something picked my curiosity:

    What and how many Lies can we ennumerate? Some of them are pretty obvious since they're part of the Arcana purview, such as: "death is not the end" (Death) or "distance isn't physical space" (Space). Some other Lies are those embodied by the Exarchs: "we must all bow down to the Natural Law".

    So, what other Lies can we deduct from the Arcana, the Paths, the Exarchs and other instances as per the MtAw gameline?
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