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  • Athanasius
    replied to Izhim-ur-Baal
    You should take into account Izhims imprisonment/torture/torpor/whatever in Chorazin for about 6 centuries which could/should have had an impact on his development/abilities. He even is described as having lost his Assamite skin color, so maybe it drained his abilities as well?

    Yeah, he's not really suitable for a comparison. If you go with the Quarakh-Origin, he's got the blood and quite possibly the abilities of a 4th gen Methuselah backing him (some of his lesser discipline stats even hint to a Ventrue). You could also argue, that he is a fighter, whereas Izhim is a scholar...
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  • I kind of agree with you on that, I already decided that I won't be playing Draculas self-embracing Chapter as written but will include it in his first appearance in Hermannstadt 1472. Yorak's demise, the Cathedral of Flesh and the assembly in Hermannstadt combined deliver a bunch of potentially weakened Tzimisce to capture and I won't have to deal with another "watch awesome NPC's awesome actions scene" that way.
    As for Dracula himself, I kind of disagree, at least I think that, as a player, I liked him as an adversary (while disliking the circumstances of his embrace). So I will...
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  • As I stated earlier, in my game, I fused Draculas sword with the sword "of roses and sceptres" that Jurgen of Verden was given in 1211 by the Toreador and wielded until his death at Hardestadts orders in 1271. It was used by his faithful servant Lucretia von Hartz who hunted Hardestadt for about 100 years until finally meeting a certain Patricia of Bollingbroke...
    Anyway as I don't want to put the actual sword in the PCs hands, but I've found the idea of it being the Sword of Samiel increasingly intriguing, I'm came up with the following: Tyler and Lucretia met with a Ravnos, who...
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  • Just finished the 1314-Plot ourselves. Something funny happened, total coincidence, butit will have a nice impact on our story, slightly similar to your pigeon scandal and black-death-complications: So the Malkavian is looking for clues as to whether Kupala was behind some of the incidents at the Basarab keep in the mountains (I enhanced the whole Dragomir-Scene in the printed TC I, as I wanted to increase the horror of his existence in the mountain-isolation and was able to drop some foreshadowing-stuff for the Vykos-Eldest-Tzimisce story I want to do, too). She scores a bestial failure (yes,...
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