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  • That would be my criticism as well: It's essentially the same, at least in broad strokes. Mighty methuselah, thought to be dead, sets plans in motion to recapture his capital-city. Whereas the details are quite different, the overall plot is the same - which is not that big of a problem, because most coteries won't play in London AND D.C., i guess. But still...
    Sidenote: You mentioning the Rubicon got me thinking: There are, in fact, some similarities between Caesar and Vitel, aside of the obvious origin: Traitor against an old institution, who rules the (known) world (senate/inner circle),...
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  • @Topic: I just finished the first "walk-through" of BJD and I gotta thank CTPhipps for this thread because it made me go for that second read I was planning "maybe later": It's amazing how much I missed. As english is not my mother-tongue and I tend to read certain sentences rather quickly (for instance scenery descriptions or architecture will essentially be skipped for dialogue or "action"). It's not that I missed the important parts of Metaplot, but what I occasionally missed are a lot of foreshadowing moments or simple links between chapters, sometimes 400 pages...
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