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  • Finally got at my computer! I'm checking the sample pages and I'm seeing Starlight in the list, a Hedge Magic which uses Humanity presented in Ghost Hunters.

    Question: Does the powers in Revised translated to 20th Ed also need now to use Humanity? In Revised, we didn't need to worry about Humanity. I'm worried that Revised Paths now need to use it (since I'm playing as a Kinfolk, I don't use).
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  • Ah, I imagined they wouldn't put the 6th-Dot powers in Sorcerer20, which is a shame. But ok. Revised edition is already good for 20th Ed.
    Separating Summoning/Warding/Binding between entities feels more work and more XP sink. Doesn't feel optimized.
    The other things you reported feels OK.
    Still need to get the book and give my own review.
    Thank you for your input!
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  • Yes. Paths of Power did a good job. I have some criticisms that made me not use it on my friend's game, but it doesn't take away the merit and dedication of the writer behind it. Also, Revised was already compatible anyway with 20th Ed, so I wouldn't mind if M20 Sorcerer would be just an update of simple rules (like powers in V20 HH II and Kinfolk 20 were)....
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  • I'm thrilling for M20 Sorcerer coming out today! Can't wait to put my hands (or mouse cursor hahahaha) on it! Sorcerer is one of my favourite books and I simply adore its Revised edition (and the book cover is mesmerizing).
    I know they said it's gonna have more details about Twilight Project and Arcanum, but I hope to see other Societies descripted in previous books. Maison Liban is my favourite and I'm going to even using them in my future DA20 Werewolf game (I'm planning as well using them in V5 game).
    I'm currently playing as a sorcerer Kinfolk in my friend's WtA game and even...
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