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  • Dagurasu
    replied to The Realm
    At last I have The Realm, I was expecting this book with a lot of interest. I will comment on things as they occur to me and I am reading:
    The banditry in the initial story I suppose comes to represent the decline and weakness of Realm in the context of the impending civil war. Five years ago it would have been unthinkable, not anymore.
    I like that Chejop Kejak. be the one who finally convinces the Empress to become the Empress. Interesting, and new detail, that the Empress did not decide to take power initially, and was convinced of it, adds an interesting nuance to the character....
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  • Dagurasu
    replied to Exalted: Arena
    Combat very interesting, and it makes me very clear the value of the charms that allow gain additional motes, especially Victorious Wreath in melee, although it has a cost of 1i per round the amount of earned motes seems worthwhile and helps to get out of the pit of the low initiative. Denying penalties is also absolutely vital,
    Even so an extremely long combat that ended up being decided by the expense of motes, but as it is well said is not something that can be seen realistically in a combat.
    In the end the Solar had bad luck, lost the Clash, lost with Peony blossom, if one of his...
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