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  • It's the final version of Geist. That said, I just looked at Changeling: The Lost 2e and realized that it also uses the exact same wording that was confusing me in Geist. So I'll be providing these quotes using Changeling's page numbers instead as more people are likely to have access to it. My apologies for not using it as the example from the beginning.

    Turns in Changeling are still defined the same way as what you quoted from Vampire. My confusion comes from how the wording of other rules use the term in the different books, particularly in regards to Defense and special maneuvers....
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  • Muddied and unclear descriptions are definitely the source of my confusion, so perhaps I should begin with making sure my understanding is correct in the first place. "Turn" is poorly defined in the CofD book, but the rules for Initiative state that one turn includes one action for each character. Based on that, my understanding is that any time the book mentions a turn it's actually referring to the round, and whenever your character's action is mentioned it's referring to "your turn". An interpretation supported by special maneuvers like Charge stating that you can't use...
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  • So clearly conflicting rules should be considered errors rather than errata, that makes things a lot easier. I was getting ready to house rule half of the stuff back in anyway, especially the dropping prone rules since I agree making it a normal instant action renders it nearly pointless. It also explains why the newer books appears to have a few small conflicts within their own rules.

    That said, do you think it'd break things too much to use Geist's definition of a turn instead? Thus resetting Defense at the beginning of a character's action instead of at the beginning of the Initiative...
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  • I've noticed some discrepancies between the rules for violence in the Chronicles of Darkness book and in some of the newer game books, specifically Changeling 2e and Geist 2e. In these cases should I consider the version in the newest book to be a sort of errata and the correct rules to use? For example the Chronicles of Darkness book uses the Initiative cycle itself to define a turn, while Geist refers to the character's action as a turn. A difference that makes a huge impact on the timing of things such as when the penalty to Defense is reset.

    Also, what about when the new and old...
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