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  • I think they're good, very impactful in terms of flavor. That last one. Knowing that is codified would make anyone super paranoid.
    I like the first one because it really gives a cool fluff for value in terms of Syndicate-esque power as was mentioned before in another thread.
    Great job, and would love to see more!
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  • KnightFenrirWulfhart
    started a topic The Cat In The Hat

    The Cat In The Hat

    I just finished watching the 2003 The Cat In The Hat, which I genuinely enjoyed as an adult in my mid 20s.
    The Cat is a very good example of a Changeling, probably a Pooka. (In my head at least.)
    Sally and Conrad are high Banality, Sally in an obvious way, and Conrad through his acting out.
    The Things would be Boggans, just very energetic ones.
    It ends with them being happier, more fun, and having a better relationship with their mother.
    He could also be a cartoon styled Changeling from CtL (he's to helpful to be a Keeper but he gives of those vibes sometimes with...
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  • For the gun from laptop example, the Syndic might "know" that this certain model of laptop has a Iteration X alteration where the disc drive can be extracted via a secret command prompt and be able to be removed and "fold" into a gun.
    Probably definitely vulgar, but would fit as a Syndic as they are the marketers, they would know about "premium" Technocrat functions in Unenlightened technology.
    A stretch for sure, but might be enough to allow the Syndic access.
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  • I have a Syndicate member who secretly has a bit of a "mystical" bent. He believes in what he terms the "Inherent Value Principle (IVP)." That money is the only value in the universe. Not just US dollars, or yen, of whatever. It's the value placed upon it that makes it valuable. If it were cupcakes, then cupcakes would be a source of Primal Utility, and in fact are at bakeries known for them.
    When he performs vulgar Enlightened Science he is exchanging the value he has built up, either with actual money, or whatever, and he is sending out a commission request to the...
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