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  • I wasn't around here back then, but over the past few years I've seen so many mentions, and links to things I was so interested in reading, that I can't help but feel like I missed out on something really useful. And though a vast majority of it probably was just your average forum/wiki things, that parts that I know I would have been so excited to read make it feel like small digital Library of Alexandria to me. I think about it every time I go read any homebrew for 2e, and I wish I had it saved away.
    I'm also really big on digital archiving. Today's age acts like data will stay around...
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  • I would probably be an Orphan with some technomystical allegiances. Hell, I would probably the the kind of mage who is somehow using Pillars and Foundation still.
    I'd probably only get along with individual Crafts and at most Virtual Adepts, the Sons of Ether, and Technocracy members who would keep our contact on the down low.
    I would not partake in either side of the Ascension War, I would prefer to only pursue my own personal interests, ideals, and goals, and at most take on some acolytes who I believe would work well with me. I help people because I want to, and don't when I don't....
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