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  • While that is certainly true for some, the people I play with have always been able to differentiate between the books and gameplay. It's never been a problem when we play together because we all have to ability to disconnect what we dislike from what we do. Perhaps that's the source of the disagreement. With no metaplot at all you either get a world where you already know everything going on that creates plots, or you have a world where it's almost just game mechanics with a little fluff.
    A lot of people like that kind of setting, but I personally find those games don't get well received...
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  • I personally love metaplot in ttrpgs. I feel like it adds a bit more soul to the setting, and can bring about some fun to toy around with. Obviously some people really dislike metaphor, but I find it super easy to just disregard what I don't like and add in new things they create. (It might be a result of being an avid reader/writer of both original and fan content, so I'm quite adept at dissecting what I dislike from things I like.)
    I feel like too many settings in ttrpgs these days are abandoning metaphor in newer editions and it really just gives me the feeling of lacking soul.
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