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  • I was thinking about it lately and I realized that Arete is literally just a newer Foundation and the Spheres are just vaguer Pillars. The whole idea of there being only 4 Pillars isn't real in world, its just there for mechanical balance. I don't believe there's really any true metaphysical difference between them. Mechanically it comes from the fact that Spheres and Arete were developed first.
    I mean Foundations and Pillars are actually must better to conceptualize Ascension with, and it fits lore much better to me.
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  • Ooooo! I didn't know about that. I'll admit, I'm not very into Vampire so thats why I never knew but other than removing the special bonuses for Foundations that sounds a/lot/ nicer for my brain to work with!
    Thank you for letting me know! I'll definitely check that out!
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  • While I really appreciate the advice for making new ones or tying them to Practices, I think I might have not explained my initial post sufficiently.
    I am genuinely just looking for write ups because I like reading them. ^_^;
    I don't play much these days but I like lore and character development so I just collect stuff for my personal enjoyment.
    While the Spheres and Arete serve the Mage The Ascension game fine, to me it always felt more shoehorned in, in actual lore. Whereas Foundations and Pillars fit what the lore said more accurately, at least to me. That's the problem with...
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  • Modern Foundations and Pillars

    I am a really big fan of the Foundations and Pillars system from DA:M. I love the system to pieces and I have seen references to people having some write ups for either more Foundation/Pillars sets and some references to write ups for modern traditions Foundations and Pillars.
    I was hoping if anyone had any of those they might be willing to share them with me.
    I really, really, /really/ don't want this to turn into an argument or debate over which is better Spheres or Pillars. Please, just don't. I personally love Pillars, but Spheres are also great.
    Again, any write ups, modern,...
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