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  • A Noble's charms are pretty powerful in a lot of different fields with very little drawbacks from what I remember. They don't have any real reason to not go all out with their charms as much as their wisp stores allow.
    But the real reason they overshadow the other lines is that Nobles pretty much imply by their existence that there is objective good and objective evil and they can pretty much fuck up any other splats shit much easier than the other splats could with them. (From what I remember. I havent read the books in a while so I might be misremembering some things in which case- apologies!)...
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  • KnightFenrirWulfhart
    KnightFenrirWulfhart posted a Visitor Message for Just John, Forever...
    Hello, I've been trying to send you a private message but apparently you're not a valid recipient so I apologize. I saw that you are a big fan of the Foundation And Pillars system, which I am also a huge fan of. I saw in a thread that you had some writeups for other Foundations and Pillars for different traditions, including modern ones and I was hoping that you still had them and wouldn't mind sharing them with me. Thank you for your time! Have a great day!
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  • KnightFenrirWulfhart
    replied to Scientific mystic
    From what you've said I'd say he was more on the science side. There is a distinct manner in which he operates his awakened will, a strict way in which he connects with this energy source, and the inherent disposition to use science and his background in engineering. He wouldn't see it as mystical or as new-age mumbo jumbo (Im making assumptions here Ill admit) he sees it as science and therefore thats what it is. In his eyes all other mages both Tradition and Technocrat are simply using the same force but just not getting the idea of what it really is right.
    He's definitely very Etherite...
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