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  • LastCourier
    started a topic Frost and Vampires

    Frost and Vampires

    Planing to do chronicle in Russia, where, at winter night tempature could fall to -35 or even -40 Celsius(and also wanting to create frost path of Koldunic Sorcery)
    So i wonder how frost and cold affecting cainites?
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  • Something like 14+ superficial at center, and minus 1 per meter after 2-4 meters
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  • LastCourier
    replied to Help with New discipline
    Level 2 you can aply you luminescence to other people and objects
    Level 3 you light is so bright that it blinds people substructing dice per success, with 5 and more you make mortal forever blind
    Level 4 inflict lethal damage per succes with you light
    Level 5 transform object or people into pure light on touch(agg damage on touch per success)
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  • I think mages could use Time 3/Correspondence 3 to emulate vampire Celerity
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  • Some raw ideas:

    1. Malkavian wight with more powerful version of Infectious flaw(from Lore of Clans)
    2. Lasombra Mystic whose rituals gone wrong and some nasty creatures come from Abyss(there are many creatures and rituals in V20ĎÀ Tome of secrets)
    3.Half sane results of Iteration X experiments on vampires, that somehow escaped(chance to use those World of future darkness rules)
    4. Salubri who believes that he/she/they sort of Vengeance Angel, who became prominent figure in poor part of city and people come to him, praying for justice(or it could be a Gargoyle,...
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