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  • I think the Unholy is a childe of the strix called 'Mother' (check p. 222 of Vampire the Requiem 2e).
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  • Tomorrow's Nobody
    replied to Picking some brains.
    I suppose the reason creating a revenant on accident isn't an automatic Humanity loss while uplifting a revenant is, might be explained by the fact that a vampire's Clan is tied to the Strix. Vampires existed before the Strix, but it's the Strix who gave them their Clans and Beasts, or so the story goes. If you "gift" your Clan to someone else, you're doing the Strix's work, you're continuing their legacy. And that, that stains your Humanity beyond a shadow of a doubt (no pun intended).

    At least, if you believe the story about the Strix giving the first vampires their Clans...
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