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  • palmedfire
    replied to 3rd Ed Sidereals
    I'm probably in the minority, but I really would like 3rd ed Sids to focus more on the Astrology and Loom of Fate stuff rather than the martial arts. SMA gets held up in 1st and 2nd ed as being the Sids ~thing~, and I think that misses the point of what they're supposed to be. They're Exalted by the Maidens of Destiny, not the Maidens of Supernatural Ass Kicking.

    There's also a lot of flavor stuff I want to see - less monolithic Gold vs. Bronze faction stuff for one. Starting characters actually feeling important in the setting.

    Maybe Silver Faction being an actual...
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  • Random Pugmire Question(s)

    So I was doing a more through re-read through the Pugmire book and it made me wonder something - if the river that flows into the Acid sea was tainted when the city of Pugmire was first founded, where did the dogs get clean water from?

    I'll probably think of more random questions as I continue my read-through
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