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  • Horror Chronicle Inspiration, Please Add

    I've been working on a list of horror trends. Mostly things that make people feel uneasy without going too far into body horror and torture.
    • The Uncanny Valley
      • Dolls
      • Mannequins
      • Mascot Costumes
      • Animatronics
      • Masks
      • Scarecrows
      • Statues
      • Poor CGI (i.e. 90's/2000's CGI.
    • The Unsettling
      • Plastic Surgery (Facial)
      • Clowns
      • Overly Friendly People
    • Nothing
      • Darkness
      • Feeling of someone behind you
      • Silence
      • Alone
    • Animals
      • Spiders
      • Wolves
      • Cats
      • Coyotes
      • Dogs
      • Reptiles
    What would you add as a Horror Trope or something that just scared you....
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  • 7. Horror Movie Protagonist- Rachael was your typical average girl, but the God-Machine implanted Infrastructure around her. From her perspective she's trapped in a Horror Movie. She can't stop moving or else the Horror Movie Antagonist will get her, a stereotypical serial killer or other horror movie antagonist. She's a reluctant hero and she has to feed the Antagonist to keep its bloodlust sated. Rachael will often find herself in dangerous situations and drag in innocent people in order to save herself.
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  • Aether is created when Angels use Numina, is this also the case for any entity that uses Numina? I.e. spirits and ghosts.
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  • Note: This one requires system knowledge of Mummy, which I only have a limited knowledge of.

    6. High Priest Giacomo - Long ago the God-Machine managed to subjugate an entire Mummy's Cult. Instead of converting the Cult to worship the God-Machine the Cult believes that the God-Machine is an aspect of their master. When the Mummy awakens the Cult uses G-M corrupted prophecies to direct the Mummy into attacking Demons as well as cull any loyalist cultists who have realized the cult has been compromised. Giacomo is a powerful piece of Infrastructure that has been crafted to direct the...
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  • 5. Dr. Perdition - Dr. Susan Smith was a surgeon in a prestigious hospital One day she had a gunshot victim under the knife. When she opened him up she didn't see what she should have. Instead she saw was Infrastructure. The vision changed her into a Stigmatic and she knew her mission, to dissect demons. She kidnapped the victim and interrogated them, using a God-Machine granted power that causes a temporary glitch to Demons she touches and keeps Demons from entering their Demon Form. Since her awakening she has been using her power to find Demons as well as dissect any Demons she finds.
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  • 4. Jess Clark - Jess's young adult son, Mike, turned his life around. He stopped doing drugs, went to college, was dating a nice guy. But then he changed. The doctors called it a fugue state, but she suspected an unholy cause. Mike dropped out of college, left his girlfriend, and soon cut ties almost completely. In researching, a book fell into her lap that detailed the signs of Demonic possession. As she researched she began to see his Cover glitch though to her they were signs of the devil. She managed to track down Mike, and kill him in his sleep. No holy water, no magic ritual. She took her...
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  • 1001 Demon the Descent Antagonists

    Thought I'd create a post about generating Demon antagonists for inspiration. Feel free to add to the list.
    1. The Wanna Be Immortal - Immortality is a difficult thing to come by. This person wishes for such power. They have heard of Demons and is hoping to find one to get their wish. No crime is too heinous, no price to high. At least one Demon has crossed their path, noting that such a person is a danger to not only themselves, but the world as well.
    2. The Demon of Destruction - This Demon was given the task to destroy entire cities as an Angel. One day it did too good a job and fell. Now it
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  • My assumption on Demonic Form voices is that they are unique to the form. That being said one of my players has a very robotic form which I could see having a more modulated voice. Whereas another is more biological which may be more organic.
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  • 198) Hunters In Need: Demon Hunters have been going to bars pretending to people in need in order to attract Demons to make pacts with. The Hunters will usually make one deal to verify the Demon is legitimate and then have other hunters ambush the demon once their identity is confirmed.

    199) Wish Hunters: Rumor has it that a hunter has been trapping Demons. At least one Demon has escaped, nearly drained of willpower, speaks of a prison where Demons are forced to make deals with humans against their will. The hunter is a lawyer and writes the pacts for other human clients.
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  • DontEatRawHagis
    started a topic Gadgets: Looking for feedback

    Gadgets: Looking for feedback

    For my game, I've been creating some gadgets to give to my players. My original idea is to give my players a small taste of what Embeds and Exploits are available to them. As well as give my players some access to Embeds and Exploits that mesh better with their better attributes and skills.

    • Molly - Her highest attributes are Intelligence, Dexterity, Presence, and Composure. Her highest skills are Investigate, Persuasion, and Subterfuge. Her main tactic is sneaking into locations and fast talking her way out of situations.
    • Alan - His highest attributes are Intelligence,
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  • Thanks! Keeping notes has been helping me keep interest in running the game as well as reflect on what I'm doing correct/incorrect/right/wrong.

    My player needed a Cover fast so I ran with it. Additionally I said even though their Primum is 1 that I'd let them be able to grab 1 additional Cover, because otherwise a whole aspect of Demon is unavailable to them.

    I didn't catch the Willpower Dot loss in addition to the Willpower Point loss. I'll let the player get away with not losing a Willpower Dot right now since I got the rule wrong.

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