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  • DontEatRawHagis
    started a topic False Gods: Daeva overview

    False Gods: Daeva overview

    Link to video:

    False Gods: Ventrue pdf on Storyteller's Vault

    • 8 Bloodlines, 4 new, 4 updated
    • Bonus 9th, Bloodline of Malkovian
    • Malkavian Epidemic Rules
    • New Masks, Dirges, Devotions, Merits, and common Banes for Ventrue characters
    • 3 new Ghoul Families
    • 2 New Covenants
    • 2 new Monster Antagonists
    • Description - Emotion based Ventrue that focuses on keeping Dominance over others as well as their Beast. This leads them to establish dominance over others while being submissive to those above them in
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  • I'm not familiar with the 1e version. But Satchel has attached Dev notes which might be insightful.

    The extra Devotions the Duchagne get seem to be focused on manipulating emotion.
    • Incite - Target's body response to stimuli is overloaded. Making it harder for them to use Stamina or Composure to resist effects. (GIVES THE INFLAMED CONDITION)
    • Induce - Target is given a single intense emotion to distract them.
    • Inure - Target is given extra dice to resistance rolls, if target has the INFLAMED condition you increase the amount of damage they need to take in order to resolve Infl
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  • Sin Again: Daeva Bloodline overview


    Sin Again: Daeva PDF through Storyteller's Vault

    My notes for the video: Children of Judas

    • Flavor - These Daeva feed off of grief, remorse, or regret.
    • Disciplines - Unlike normal Daevas they replace Majesty with Auspex and Nightmare as Clan Disciplines.
    • Bane - Their downside is that they need to feed off of morose individuals or else gain the Deprived Condition because they haven’t gotten their fix.
    • Gift - Their Bloodline Gift is a Taste of Grief, which allows them to see visions of a breaking point their victim ex
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