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  • Nevalie
    replied to Regarding experience gain
    Thanks for the input, Heavy Arms and Mateus! I'm probably just way too used to systems that have an increase in cost (don't think I've played anything where that wasn't the case so far) so my worries most likely stem from there. Tackling the unknown always is a challenge after all. I'll keep your words in mind should my players wonder too.
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  • Nevalie
    started a topic Regarding experience gain

    Regarding experience gain

    Hi there!
    This question probably is mainly for people who have been playing 2nd Edition for a bit. I've been looking at the experience costs for attributes, skills, so on and what you're supposed to/what's suggested you gain experience for. With costs not changing depending on how many dots you already have in a skill etc, it seems to me like a character would max out skills and add specialities rather fast?

    I'm currently thinking about home ruling it to be more like 1st Edition, but would appreciate input from people that have had the chance to actually play and maybe have...
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