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  • Question on Vozhd V20 Modern rule version

    The stats given and the modified stats (Ghouls and Revenants page180) completely do not add up and I am curious what I am missing. For example it is listed as having dexterity 2 and brawl of 2 yet it attack pool is listed at being 8 dice? Where are the rest coming from? There is nothing else like celerity adding so how are they possibly getting 8 when 2+2 equals 4?

    Also it says they have stamina of 6, fortitude of 4 and 5 dice of armor yet it total soak dice is listed as being 28? Wtf can the writer not add? 6+4+5 does not equal 28 So is the person who wrote these stats just messing...
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  • Yeah I really love some of the changes DAv20 made, like the physical disciplines are so much better but then I really hate some of changes made too, like the changes to Protean making it weaker and changes to make obtenebration nearly invincible in tenebrous and un-counterable shroud of darkness that does not care if you have protean or auspex because you can not avoid that darkness no matter what just... because.... stuff like that really annoyed me. Even the Protean 6 or 7 Flesh of marble was made weak in that same way and that is supposed to be elder level. Ugh. I think someone just...
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  • As far as I can tell by the rules I would answer your questions as follows:

    1) The ritual definitely would work on spirits that have used dematerialize that is literally the whole point of the ritual to affect dematerialized spirits what would make you think it would not work?

    2) Them being part spiritual beings does not make their attacks spirit attacks. That said Tenebrous Avatar and Mist Form have different rules. Any aggravated damage can harm mist form creatures so he would indeed be able to hurt a Protean user with his claws as they do aggravated damage. Tenebrous...
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  • Necroscope0
    started a topic Dark Ages V20 Ruleset question

    Dark Ages V20 Ruleset question

    I know archery attacks do not add any stat for damage, does that mean you can not use Celerity 6: Momentum with a bow and arrow? What sort of ranged attack would momentum work with? Would it work with thrown weapons?
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