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  • This is Dark Ages 20th Anniversary edition but we are using much of the stuff from the V20 Modern system as well which this path is from. Yes this path is quite powerful for the mental characters, no doubt about that. The Dual Thought is especially potent and doubly so when combined with Clarity (The fact that I am Road of Blood at 10 and my Aura is willpower rolls means that when Clarity is active I have a total of a -4 difficulty modifier to my thaumaturgy difficulties!). Being able to double blood boil with a single grapple or double path of flames or a combination of a powerful physical attack...
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  • Does my GM hate me or am I really just a cheesy monger. OR both?

    I am starting to believe that my GM hates me (not really he is my buddy I am just being hyperbolic here) and insists on reading any power I buy in whatever manner makes it as weak as possible but without admitting he is making the power weaker by choice. Instead he insists that it is the proper way to read the power and I am trying to be cheesy and make things too strong. I am coming over time almost to doubt myself and think maybe I am just trying to be too cheesy so I decided to come here and see if I am actually tripping or if he really does seem to be interpreting things to be as bad as he...
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  • Good luck summoning her, unless your summoner is 7th gen or lower she can blow off the summons completely with a single willpower, if it beat her in the first place. Also Auspex 8 is plenty for her to realize you are plotting against her even if you had never met. Visions are a thing from auxpex 1 on. Many STs under utilize this as it is not really detailed mechanically and up to their discretion but if you are planning on killing her even if you never met there is a decent chance she will have had some sort of vision to warn her of an up coming threat which then gives her the excuse to...
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  • Necroscope0
    started a topic Quick draw in DAv20

    Quick draw in DAv20

    Is there a method whether merit, combo, elder or ability that enables a quick draw so you do not have to split a dice pool just to draw? I find it excessively annoying but have not seen anything in my scans so I figure I would ask if anyone else knows of such a thing and what book I would find it in. Thanks.

    And additional question I have. Does anyone know of any combo or elder level powers that remove the penalties that accrue from multiple fighters ganging up on me?
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