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  • When it comes to Resources in a group, I like to pool them with the rule that two people with the same dot rating have effectively one higher dot rating (i.e. two people with 1 dot of resources have effectively 2 dots together, two people with 4 dots have effectively 5). This shows how Resources is not a linear increase, and although not a perfect system, incentivizes players to buy dots in the merit as a group rather than individually.

    Additionally, core books from C:tL 2e onwards mention Resources as a "pool-able" merit, although they follow a linear progression (page...
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  • Lorekeeper
    replied to You Know What I Hate MK I
    On a non-political topic:

    Getting ditched and then left on "Read/seen" after you said you'd wait for your friends outside the supermarket because of an injury is pretty shit
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