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  • This is indeed a 1e thing. 2e does not have this limitation...
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  • Lorekeeper
    replied to nWoD general questions.
    Just before getting to your questions, since 2015 (2 years after the "God-Machine Rules Update" which kicked off what is now 2nd Edition), "nWoD" was officially rebranded as "Chronicles of Darkness" or CofD most commonly. Not to say that calling it nWoD is a faux pas or anything, just that CofD is a lot more recognisable and more commonly used now

    1) I played CofD first before touching oWoD, so take this with a grain of salt, but I definitely think the rules for CofD work a lot cleaner than 20th Anniversary WoD and V5, and I don't know enough about prior...
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